Here's another installment of HUMP DAY MUSIC!
Curated & written by my good friend and magical music guru,
Alejandra Frank of Teros Gallery + Teros Magazine.

Sit back, plug in & let the music groove you till Friday comes...

Grahame Bond- Love is the Law (1968) 

Grahame Bond was a powerful force during the British rhythm & Blues scene of the 60's. He introduced the Hammond-Organ and the Mellotron in blues... while experimenting with elements of jazz and free form. 

His history is pretty fascinating, especially for the short and self destructive life he lived. Bond began playing in Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, then formed his own band Graham Bond Organisation (featuring Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Dick Heckstall-Smith). 

Bond's musical projects fell apart due to his addiction to drugs. He was unstable, so Baker and Bruce left the band to form Cream. 

Luckily, a psychedelic underground scene manifested in London. Bond became heavily inspired by this form of expression and grew a love for the occult. He put an end to the Graham Bond Organisation and fled to New York to work with the notable design collective, The Fool. 

He then traveled to Los Angeles, where he jammed with Dr. John, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and contributing to albums like Harvey Mandel and Screaming Jay Hawkins. 

Finally in 1968 his first album was released, Love is the Law.
This album is Organ driven incorporating jazz rhythms with a touch of psychedelia and lots of soul. He played everything on this album, except Hal Blaine on drums.

Love is the Law, is a reflection of how strange these times are. These times, perhaps, have made us feel conflicted about the direction this world is headed. I can say, this record helps me get by... reminding me that we must continue to create, make music and dress the way you damn want. Even though times are tough, don't let that stop you from expressing yourself...

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